King and Queen of Heaven
The Truth about
Immanuel and Mary Magdalene

Jesus and Mary Today -
The King and Queen of Heaven

By Marie Black
© 2010

Preaching along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Immanuel (Jesus) attracted large crowds regularly.  In his short life, he reached many who would have never learned about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Still, the man who healed and saved lived a quiet life away from the crowds.  He often stopped by the small town of Bethany to visit with the one who captured his heart, Mary Magdalene.  (Mary’s brother Lazarus lived in Bethany.)  Her grace and beauty were not the attraction; it was her determination to follow through with his lectures among the poor and needy.  

Many days Immanuel would arrive to find her helping the homeless and orphans alone.  Soon they were married in a private service, and by the end of three years, she became pregnant with their first child.  Not only would she follow him throughout the land for months on end as he healed and taught she ministered alongside him.  

But the wicked would not allow him to have peace on Earth; instead they beat and tortured him unto death.  She was the witness who stood beside him as the other disciples fled for their lives.  Unafraid of death, she followed him to the grave, knowing in three days, he would return.  She knew he would reemerge from death; and he did, she was the first one to see him alive.

Anointing his feet with Spikenard oil prior to his death was a beautiful thing that he appreciated greatly, though complained about by the disciple who would later betray him.  Another factor that was objectionable to the other disciples was his great love for her; often he would kiss her on the lips, as a husband to his wife.  The joy of their life together was a driving force, he knew their days on earth would be short.  Both knew his destiny was to lead people to God the Father, Immanuel is the King of Heaven, first born Son of the Creator.  She is the Queen of Heaven, his perfect mate.  Both of them came to bring forward God’s secret Plan of Salvation.  He returned from death and continued to teach his disciples, Mary was always at his side.  

She was “the Beloved Disciple” later called John by the male priests who couldn’t bare the thought of a strong woman among the first leaders of Christianity.  Mary left occupied Israel pregnant with their first child.  She traveled with James (aka Joseph of Arimathea, Immanuel’s brother), Matthew and a few others preaching the truth everywhere they went.  After landing on the shore of France in a small boat, they took up residence in the southern mountainous region.  Throughout France, Europe, Egypt and Syria they traveled preaching to and healing all who would listen.  Together these disciples worked day and night to bring the knowledge of Heaven to those in foreign lands.  Mary especially focused on France where women were not scorned as leaders, she left her mark strong and deep there.  

The Magdalene was not a repentant whore as Pope Gregory portrayed with his evil words, a pathetic myth still propagated today.  Gregory took the words of the Gospels and mixed up the characters to rid any remaining evidence of women leaders of the church.  He was not alone in his vicious deeds, for many other men of the cloth mistranslated and out right lied about her life’s work.  

But the truth always comes out, and here it is.  She was never possessed by seven demons, as wrongly translated and forged into Luke’s Book.  This nauseating fallacy was a mixture of the stories of Immanuel ridding a prostitute of demons, and the next story which followed about Mary Magdalene anointing her husband Immanuel’s feet prior to his death.  The truth is she was as righteous as Immanuel, always living her life in service to the Almighty Creator.  Mary Magdalene was the one appointed by God to bring forward His design onto the material universe, as His Mother for Creation.  But those men who hated to see a woman capable of anything great do not allow this to see the light of day, showing themselves instead as the unrepentant whores possessed by several demons.

All evidence of Immanuel and Mary’s marriage was later eliminated from the Gospels because of rampant homosexuality among the clergy who preferred male domineering instead of equality between men and women.  Soon they took the story of Immanuel’s mother Mary, and turned her into a perpetual virgin, and gave her the crown of Heaven, no matter how undeserving she was.  Ad nauseum the clergy throughout time have intentionally changed words, mistranslated, discredited, burned books, and outright lied to perpetrate the devils’ words upon mankind.   But the truth will always see the light of day, no matter how long it takes to reemerge.  Hidden books found within the last century can prove all of these words.

Today Immanuel and Mary Magdalene are still the King and Queen of Heaven.  The time for his second coming is close at hand, he has prepared a place for the children of the One God; while she has continued to labor on the earth bringing mankind the truth from Heaven.  Look closely at the words in the Bible, there are many discrepancies thrown in there by male dominated glory hounds that prefer you just listen to them instead of research and think on your own.  

The Queen is the Ancient Mother (Mahdi) and Prophetess, whose many lifetimes include Miriam, Magdalene, Jephia and Uriah.

Heaven’s Queen has prepared herself, for the wedding of the Bride and Groom is very near.  Are you ready for that wonderful life in the Heaven our King has shown exists?  Or will you prefer the words of the demons that possess the souls of those who are too afraid to think for themselves.  The God Who Immanuel and Mary dedicated their lives to, loves all of His children, He wants you to return unto the land of your origin.  Welcome Home!

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Exodus 2 - 3 - “God heard the children of Israel groaning under the oppression of the Egyptians, and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He called Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Caleb and Joshua to deliver them out of the hand of Pharaoh into the land flowing with milk and honey.”

Miriam - red,  Magdalene - purple,  Uriah - green,  Prophetess - pink

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Storytelling - Stories from scriptures, hidden meanings revealed.  Speaking events bring alive characters from The Agenda with facts and personality. Educating and entertaining for children or adults.  


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